How often does the FitBark GPS update my location?

When your FitBark GPS is not in a Safe Place and not connected to any owner’s smartphone, it regularly checks its location and sends GPS coordinates to our server using the cellular network. The location refresh rate is defaulted to every 5 minutes when Tracking mode is not enabled (the tracking screen displays small light blue paws).

Pressing the “Find Dog!” button in the tracking page will enable updates from the FitBark GPS every minute. Each tracking session will expire after at least one location is received within 5 minutes.

When the FitBark GPS is connected to an owner’s mobile phone (bluetooth on and FitBark app open in background), the FitBark GPS will automatically update its location every minute and display small light blue paws. In this mode, the “Find” button is not enabled as when the pup is into a Safe Place.

To not overload the screen with location points, if exiting and re-entering the Tracking Page, light blue paws will be displayed with a maximum resolution of 5 minutes.

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